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We offer the most cost effective customized solutions for all your local and long distance moving needs.

40'L x 9'6"H x 8'W
Preowned insulated container converted to a mobile office container with window, lights, 3' insulated man door, partition with door

48'L x 8'6"H x 8'6"W
Insulated storage preowned trailers with refrigerations unit removed, swing doors on one end. Wheels can be removed and trailer placed on ground for customer

If you need a flexibility of a warehouse on wheels, we have just the thing for you. No more going out to the warehouse and back. With our storage trailers you take your warehouse everywhere you go. They are very well maintained, secure, and ready to meet any of your specific needs.

  • We have 20’, 40’, and 53’L containers that can be transported anywhere in the world. Canada wide service includes the following
  • Deliver a 20’, 40’ or 53’ container to your location on a tilt and load truck
  • Provide a Do it yourself manual (PDF downloadable)that offers valuable advice to properly pack your belongings
  • We can load all of your needed packing supplies (boxes, packing tape, mattress bags etc.) into your container
  • Pick up container once you have finished loading it
  • Provide container seal to ensure the container is not tampered with while in transit
  • Deliver to any location in North America
  • Customers have up to week to off load their container
  • Pick up container at your new location once container has been emptied
  • We offer arranged moving services to assist customers to load and off load their container
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